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صنایع اذرآبادگان
صنایع اذرآبادگان
صنایع اذرآبادگان
صنایع اذرآبادگان

About AzarAbadegan Adhesive Insulator (IRI) Co,Ltd.

Azarabadegan adhesive and insulator manufacturing company was established in 1983 in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan and was the first industrial unit in the country, active in Automotive insulators field. AzapCo is still active functioning successfully by relying on the knowledge and hard work of its employees and efficient management.
Relying on its strong Engineering and R&D Department, AzapCo is able to design and manufacture the products in exact accordance with the costumers’ requirements.
In Azarabadegan, we constantly try to upgrade our knowledge and equipments and adapt ourselves with the latest technologies in order to improve our quality and ensure customer satisfaction. We seek strategic union and mutual benefit with our customers via our high quality, excellent cooperation with customers and on time deliveries.
AzapCo started to manufacture pride car insulators in 2001, using high quality raw materials and technical knowledge, and consequently started to manufacture magnetic insulators in 2004.
This company has implemented ISO/TS management system since 2003 and was able to receive IATF certificate in 2017. Also Azarabadegan manufacturing company has received the following grades from the leading automotive companies in the country.
  • Sazeh Gostar : Grade A
  • Sapco : Grade B
  • Bahman Motor: Grade BBB
It is worth mentioning that the our laboratory has the approval of Sapco and Sazeh Gostar OEM companies.
The factory is built in a 4000 mm2 ground and its production capacity is 12 Tons/Working shift.

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17th kilometers of Tehran road, Tabriz,Iran
Phone : +98 41 36300436-8